Send me a sign Feat Julie Williams
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Literally praying for a sign here. A sign I can read for advice with my life. Ex left me and won’t talk to me, still praying we have a chance as the last message they sent me was they needed space. Everyday has been gray with out him them. Living off my friends like a bum due to unfortunate circumstances. Have no privacy, no peace outside of my heart break, depression, and loneliness. I have a job that is just ok, often times its stressful and I dream of quitting 70% of the time. My work is undervalued and I feel like my consideration and hard work ethic is all in vein as my coworkers all screw everyone over. Im stuck in a mundane routine of waking up, working, go home, sleep the rest of the day away. I feel like life is passing me by and I’ll wake up tomorrow 80 years old with nothing. Wanna kill myself but can’t stand pain. I go through brief periods where I manage to pull myself up out of all the water. Only to be dragged down again and again. I go through random periods when I cry and then try to stay so…