Nothing in common in Hawaii & Rubbed the wrong Minnesota
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Double Confession comes from: “Nothing in common in Hawaii” I gave birth to a baby girl two months ago. I have a wonderful husband and my in-laws are incredible. We live far away from both sides of the family. My mom is a former cocaine and prescription pain meds addict. Her addiction diminished her mental capacities, and it’s difficult to relate to her because the only things she can talk about are her health issues and all the medications she’s currently taking. Mom recently came to visit us. I hadn’t seen her in two years, and when she did, I realized we have nothing in common. She and my dad are still happily married, and Dad has yet to meet my child. I’m supposed to visit them for the holidays, but I’d rather spend the time with my in-laws. Any suggestions? “Rubbed the wrong Minnesota” My boyfriend of five years, “Jack,” is funny, unique and generally very sweet. I’m currently on disability and working hard to get myself healthy enough to start working again. The problem is, Jack thinks I do nothing but…