Out of the loop in Alberta Canada & Counseling Helped…But
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“Out of the loop in Alberta Canada” I am a woman married to a woman. Recently we attended her family reunion. Her first cousins (all female) decided to have a meeting. When my wife returned from the discussion, her mom asked her what it was about. My wife replied that they were planning a trip with just the female cousins — no men. I feel hurt and excluded, as I am a woman, too. Am I wrong? I can understand not wanting husbands on an all-girl trip, but am I not the exception? “Counseling Helped…But” Thirty years ago when I was an Army officer, my wife “went crazy.” She had an affair and wound up getting pregnant. When I got out of the Army, she saw the man one time more before we moved and got pregnant again! We had a child together later. When I found out my eldest son didn’t have the correct blood type, I confronted her and she admitted it. I then had all my children tested and realized only the last one is mine. I love the other two as well as my son, and I would not destroy his or the other boys’ lives.…