Very Confused Feat Julie Williams
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I met Rose earlier this year at university. She is in first year and coming from halfway accross the country. As such she didn’t have many friends at our school. Between studying and spending time with me and my friends it seems she has made very few friends throughout the year. Last week I talked to a friend about our relationship for the first time and he suggested that I would probably have to break up with her. I meant to do it at the end of the year so she would be back home soon after. However all week it had been on my mind and I couldn’t sleep. So today I tried to talk to her about my issues with the relationship, but it ended with us breaking up. Now I am very worried because she has very few people she trusts here, I was her best friend. I want to be there for her but I’m not sure how. I feel really guilty as though I occupied her year and didn’t allow her to enjoy her college experience. I am worried she may not return to school here and I absolutely want her to be able to succeed here. This is my…