Mystified in Michigan & Alone in the desert
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November 25, 2015
Double Confession: This Confession comes from: “Mystified in Michigan” Last week a girl I knew in high school 10 years ago had a surprise baby. She went to the ER with stomach cramps and found out she was in labor. Mom and baby are doing fine, but now they are throwing an “emergency baby shower.” I rarely speak to this girl. Why should I be expected to get a baby shower gift for her? This Confession comes from: “Alone in the desert” Last year my boyfriend and I moved across the country to Arizona so he could be closer to his friends and family. My entire family lives on the East Coast. Recently it seems like our plan to marry and start a family keeps getting pushed further and further into the future. I’m 35; he’s 47. Neither of us has been married or has kids. I’m beginning to regret having uprooted my life for someone who is unwillingly changing the timing of what I thought we both wanted. How long should I wait before cutting my losses and moving closer to the people I care for and who miss me?…