Dad with a dilemma in Florida & An international Educator
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These Confessions come from: “Dad with a dilemma in Florida” My daughter, a single parent, has a 27-year-old son who has assaulted her several times. He has never worked and has been in trouble with the law because of drugs. Recently, she called me to ask if she and her son could spend the night with me. (They live 160 miles away.) I told her that because of his past behavior it wasn’t a good idea. She was very offended and said I would “never see her son again.” After sending me several hurtful emails, she’s no longer speaking to me, despite the fact that I have always taken care of her and listened to her problems about her son. I deserve an apology — which I won’t receive. But I feel bad about the situation. How do I fix it without apologizing myself? “An international Educator” I am a teacher who occasionally must conduct parent-teacher conferences through a translator. My colleague and I are wondering, what is the proper protocol for these conversations? We are not sure whether to make eye contact with…