David’s Meditation - The River
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here is a path in front of you. It’s a beautiful day. You can feel the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze. it leads you into the forest. You feel the coolness as you enter and can hear the birds welcoming you. You can smell the earth beneath your feet and you can hear any small twigs breaking as you walk along. The sun is filtering through the beautiful shimmering leaves. Off in the distance, you hear some water. As you get closer to it you know that you have been here before. It is a river with a canoe at its water edge waiting for you. As you step into it, you can feel the water holding it. You get comfortable and take a paddle. As you dip the paddle into the water you can see the ripples in the river. Listen to the water lapping up to the canoe and the dripping from the paddle. Take a look at the shore and notice how peaceful it is, ate there any animals at the water’s edge or are there any birds flying above you. Take a moment and enjoy. Use all your senses. If you are tired, just lie in the bottom…