First Class Citizen in Portland Feat Liz Stone
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This Confession reads: Over the years I have come to realize that my father-in-law is condescending toward women. He expects his wife will do all the cooking, cleaning and housework despite the fact that she has a demanding, full-time job and he doesn’t work outside the home. When we go to dinner over there, it is expected that the women will clean up and do the dishes while the men sit and talk at the table. I have never seen him lift a finger to help, and he frequently makes demeaning comments about his wife’s cooking, among other things. He considers himself an expert on everything and frequently interrupts people (mostly women) to prove he “knows better.” His behavior is rude and I am offended by it. I am pregnant with my first child — a daughter — and I’m concerned about her growing up in this atmosphere. I don’t want her raised thinking that men know better than women and that women are supposed to wait on men. My husband doesn’t want to confront his father over this. How do we handle the situation?…