Lost and lonely
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I grew up in a poor family on a farm in the South. I worked very hard during my childhood. Throughout my childhood, I was told I was a “bad girl” who always did the wrong things or who would never stop talking. When I was 16, I moved more than 1,000 miles away. My mother happily drove me to the airport to go and live with my 21-year-old boyfriend. I am 29 now and still live more than 1,000 miles away. To this day, when I try to discuss (with my mother) why she sent me away so young, she tells me I was “too difficult of a child” and that was what I wanted, so she signed me over at the end of 10th grade before summer break. I will never forget how happy she was to drop me off at the airport. I wasn’t the greatest child, I know. I know I was bad. Can 16-year-olds choose where and with whom they live? Or should the parents make those decisions? Please help me. LivinUnleashed Twitter: @LivinUnleashed Facebook: LivinUnleashed Webs: www.livinunleashed.com Email: [email protected] Soundcloud:…