Soon to be Mom in Denver & Transgender wants to be supportive
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December 13, 2015
Welcome to Confessions! “Soon to be Mom in Denver” My fiance, “Rob,” and I are pregnant. This should be an exciting time for me, but he keeps bringing up a previous relationship during which he had an unplanned child. That was 10 years ago, and the mother denied him access. I have told Rob how much his mentioning it upsets me and I have asked him not to do it, especially during my pregnancy. I want to feel happy and special as the woman who will be providing Rob with an actual family unit. But instead I feel like second-best and resentful. This should be a time to focus on us and our new baby, not the child that isn’t in his life or that woman and her stupid actions. Please advise me “Transgender wants to be supportive” A good friend of mine recently found out his daughter, “Rhonda” (who is over 18), feels she should have been born a boy. “Ronnie” is now living life as a man and plans to change genders completely. To say the least, my friend and his wife are finding it difficult to deal with. He doesn’t…