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So you got a new job and now you have to deliver the bad news that you’re putting in your 2 week notice. How do you do it without burning bridges, saving face, and leave the position better for you having been there. Below are some tips that might help you out: * Have a plan. I don’t recommend quitting a job until you’ve already accepted an offer somewhere else, or have a side income stable enough to cover your basic needs (food, rent, etc.) * Write a formal resignation letter. Before you tell anyone, be sure to have written a formal letter of resignation. Proof it and make sure its good, it could be the last written work your current employer has of yours. * Tell your boss first. Always give your boss the news in person before telling anyone else. This is a respect thing. You need to leave in a respectful way and nothing screams disrespect than having your boss find our your quitting from someone else. This also means don’t update your linkedin until after your last day of employment with your current…