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Time I get asked about time management more than I do any other question. People ask, how is it that you have time with your family, work a full-time job, teach part-time, build apps, host a podcast, and do side hustles regularly? Well, its all about time management. We all have the same finite amount of time. 24 hours in a day. We choose to spend it differently. One thing I recommend before changing the way you spend your time, is to document it. Use this link to download a template for time tracking. I actually make my DIFD 321 students do this as a learning tool… and a little secret, I do it too. I find that its important to track your time regularly because your schedules and responsibilities change over time. I think once a year is good for me. Do what works for you. Once you’ve tracked and documented your time over a typical week (be sure to do 15-30 minute intervals) you’ll have a baseline to move forward. The first time I did this, I was shocked at the amount of time I spent in my car doing nothing.…