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Your team doesn’t just “trust” you because of your title. When I started at my most recent position where I head up the IT group at a mid-sized company just south of Charlotte, NC, I wasn’t granted full trust of my team. Just like, when you get a new boss, you don’t fully trust them. You can’t tell them just anything at first. You have to learn how they react to things, how they accept feedback, etc. As a leader, we must remember that trust works both ways, and people don’t automatically trust you because you’re their manager. You must earn that trust. Building Trust with Your Team is Critical A leader must provide the vision and direction for their team. Then the team pours in their focus, assets, time and energy (FATE - from Todd Henry) into the project. Many times the team has no idea what is just around the corner and what might come of the work they are putting in. They trust the leader to guide them. If they don’t trust you, will they really put in the hard work? You must build trust over time and…