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Things aren’t always going to be good as a leader. As a leader we must learn to lead in the good times and in the bad. Leading through a crisis is just a fact that will come along with being a technical leader. I recently was able to both witness a good leader lead through a crisis and be the leader in a different crisis. I want to share a few things that I took away from it. * Stay Calm. The best way to lead in a crisis is to stay calm. I try to tell my team that no one’s going to die here (we’re in IT not the military). * Understand that you’ll get through this and probably have a good story or lesson from it. * Don’t worry so much about the cause and never point fingers. Focus on the solution and moving forward. * Sweat the small stuff. During a crisis, celebrate the small wins in order to motivate and keep things moving forward. * Be overly transparent. Hide nothing about what’s going on. Let your team know that you’re a human with feelings and emotions too and you’ve chosen to control them and not let…