012: Being Successful in College, 14 tips for Students
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As a Professor and a leader, I’m passionate about college student’s success both in and out of the classroom. I should be an expert at this, seeing as I’ve been either in college or working for a college (I’m a professor) for more than 15 years. Here are a few tips that will help students be successful. * Stay busy (get involved) – Studies show that students that are involved in more than 1 campus organization or student activity have higher GPA’s than students that are not involved at all (source Department of Health and Human Services). Plus involvement helps you build social skills, friends and a resume. When I was in college I was president of 5 campus organizations, in a fraternity and played lacrosse. Having little time helped force me to focus on what’s important. * Make good habits early – You need to establish good patterns in your first two semesters of college. After that, it becomes increasingly difficult to break bad habits. Good habits include going to class, reading prior to class, eating…