AGL: 052 – Tom Cooper – The Four Levels of Thinking as a Geek Leader
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Today on the show we have Tom Cooper. I met Tom a few years ago while we were both speaking at a conference. Tom and I served on the board of advisors for the Interface Security Conference in Charlotte, NC last year. During this chat, Tom and I discuss the 4 levels of thinking as a geek leader. Tom has put together some special resources, just for A Geek Leader listeners. Check them out at There you will find a PDF describing the four levels of thinking we discussed on the show today, the eBook for finding budget dollars for leadership training that we discussed as well as a couple of bonus videos. Please be sure to thank Tom on Twitter and LinkedIn. Tom Cooper, PMP is the founder of BrightHill Group, where he believes that “Because People Matter, We Must Lead Them Well.” Because of his deep experience in software development and enterprise IT implementation, Tom specializes in working with highly technical experts. He says that he helps geeks communicate clearly, delegate…