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A lot of time people confuse being a good speaker with being a good leader. They aren’t related, but usually, with a little practice, you can become a good speaker, just like with practice you can become a good leader. It does help your influence if you’re a good speaker, whether you’re speaking at meetups, conferences, or just to a small team in a conference room. To see some of the best speeches or talks, check out TED.com Know your subject. Be sure you are an expert on the topic you are presenting… Bear in mind that an expert is someone who knows more about the subject than 50% of the people you’re presenting too. If you’re only a sudo-expert, you can become an expert with in no time. Tell a story. Be sure you have some case studies or good stories to add. Always tell a story. People relate and respond to a story more than just facts. If you can provide a personal story you’ll have more impact with your audience. Some of the best TED Talks I’ve ever seen are stories. Prepare, practice, and repeat. Prepare…