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Being an IT leader you get lots of opportunities to work with vendors. Sometimes you welcome the calls, most of the times you don’t. This episode I’ll go over some tips to help you work with vendors and make the best choice when deciding which vendor go with. Vendor management is an important aspect of leading a technology team. Vendors at conferences or trade shows They usually are giving way gifts in exchange for a scan of your badge. Remember nothing is ever free. If they scan your badge, you can bet they will email you and most likely call you. Think about the value of that fidget spinner vs your time when you go to get your badge scanned. My rule is, if you’re not at least somewhat interested in the product, don’t even approach the table. The swag may look enticing, but you’ll just be wasting your time and the vendor’s time. Stay away unless its legitimately a product you’re interested in. Cold call vendors What to do when vendors cold call you? That’s tough, I usually don’t answer the phone if I don’t…