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Focus We all have a finite amount of focus. We may think of focus as something you do, but I think it is something you have. You either have focus for something, or you don’t. And focusing on something is like contracting a muscle. It uses energy and wears on you. And the longer you focus on something, the more tired you get and the harder it is to keep focusing. I notice this when I drive on long road trips. After 4 hours or so, its hard to keep focusing on the road and traffic. I need a break. The same is true when it comes to your work. After hours of focus, getting into what Cal Newport calls “Deep Work,” you get tired and need to recharge your focus. There was a great experiment in 1998 called the “Chocolate and Radish” experiment where the Psychologist, Roy Baumeister, discovered the modern concept of willpower. That it is a like a muscle and becomes exhausted. Be sure to listen to the episode to find out more about this experiment. But I believe the same is true with focus. It is finite. It will…