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When we react to situations, we’re on defense. You rarely score on defense. Its much easier to score when you’re on offense. On offense, you’re responding to the situation, not reacting. There is a difference. Responses are thought-out, planned and not usually emotionally driven. Reactions are usually hap-hazardous, emotionally driven, and not thought through. Mistakes often happen when we react instead of respond. In this episode I talk about the need to respond instead of react, what happens when we overreact to situations, and some ways to avoid stress so that we learn to respond and not react. What Happens When We Overreact A couple of weeks ago I talked about building trust with your team. Overreacting to situations is one sure-fire way to make them trust you less. If you can’t keep your cool, people want follow you when times get tough. When you overreact to situations you allow the situation to overtake you. You stop looking through a practical, logical lens and begin looking at the world through a…