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Derek Doepker is a 7 time bestselling author and consultant on leadership, personal development, and entrepreneurship. His team at Influencing Millions helps companies improve their sales, increase employee retention, and improve performance by teaching principles of behavior change, habit development, and influential communication. You can learn more at http://influencingmillions.com and http://derekdoepker.com Connect with Derek * Twitter * Website * Consulting In this show we talked about: * Identity Habit - How you identify yourself plays a big role in behavior * Imposter Syndrome - overcome using self-awareness * Focus outward and not inward * Get a mentor or coach * The inner doubter - listen to those doubts and ask “is this a limiting belief?” * Que, Routine, Reward that make up habits * Micro-habits Can I Just… Books mentioned: * Start with Why? * Power of Habit Derek’s Books: * Break Through Your BS * The Healthy Habit Revolution * Why You’re Stuck * Why Authors Fail * 50 Fitness Tips You Wish You…