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September 30, 2015
I listen to a lot of audiobooks. About a year ago, I listened to Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last audiobook. I loved this book. In my opinion its better than his first best seller, Start With Why. In this book, Simon Sinek tells the story of Johnny Bravo, a military pilot and how he risked his life to defend ground troops in battle. He uses this story to illustrate the idea of the “Circle of Safety.” Circle of Safety Simon tells us that we should focus on helping those around us and under us instead of one-upping them. He uses our biology and our history as hunters and gatherers to show how this behavior affects our brains. “The whole purpose of maintaining the Circle of Safety is so that we can invest all our time and energy to guard against the dangers outside. It’s the same reason we lock our doors at night.” One of the parts I really liked about this book is when Simon talked about our environment. I’m a believer that a happy and safe environment can help encourage and inspire those entrusted to our care.…