074: Martin Wolfe – Distinguished Engineer, CTO – IBM
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Today on the show I have Marin Wolfe (Marty). Marty is a systems engineer, creator of new solutions and innovations, a leader and motivator of the best and brightest, and focused on delivering solutions to the most complex challenges and supporting key goals. Marty is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO, a technical executive of which there are only 600 across IBM’s entire global enterprise. Marty’s combination of technical depth, business acumen and delivery expertise has resulted in over $500M in direct revenue helping to shape technical strategy and fixing the most challenging problems at all sizes of organizations and enterprises. Marty creates and leads incredibly resourceful, compassionate, innovative, and profitable teams in areas including Cloud, complex systems integration, data science, and infrastructure modernization. His technical acumen has resulted in nearly a dozen patents, several books and publications, and a broad network of business leaders who continue to leverage and depend on Marty…