017: Being Brave, leading in spite of fear and anxiety.
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November 24, 2015
In order to be a leader, you must be brave. I’ve focused on leadership for many years now, and my wife even says I focus on it too much sometimes J. I see countless people that have so much potential for leadership, but have never stepped out and gave it shot due to fear. Now Fear isn’t always bad. There are good fears too. For example, I’m afraid of snakes. God gave me that fear so that I don’t get bit by one of those suckers and die. That’s a healthy fear, at least I tell myself it is. Okay, another example. I want my kids to have certain fears. I want my son to be afraid of crossing the street without holding an adult’s hand. Having that fear may save his life. But I don’t want him to be afraid to have fun because of what others might think. Two different kind of fears. It’s amazing that my 5-year-old daughter will sing at the top of her lungs when a song comes on that she knows. She has no fear of what others will think. That’s something we learn. I’m afraid to sing in public, although I was known for…