011: The Art of Negotiation, get a better deal, better salary and more.
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You’ll never have more opportunity for salary negotiation than you do just before you accept you job. If you already have a job and you’re happy where you work and the idea of looking for something else scares the crap out of you, there’s still hope. You can still negotiate your salary or other perks at your job. So let’s say job negotiation isn’t what you’re looking for, you can negotiate other things too, basically, everything is negotiable. If you have skills, you can also barter, which usually requires some negotiation skills. Do your pre-work. You have to be confident going into the negotiation. You have to know your facts and be able to answer all the questions on our pre-work checklist: * What? – what are you negotiating? Don’t try to negotiate too much, its usually best to pick one or two things and focus seriously on those. * When? – When do you need to make a decision, is this something you can wait on, or is time your enemy…or do they need to make a sale and is time your friend? Know this. * How?…