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September 10, 2018
What’s your Plan for______? I decided to do another short solo show for those of you that might have missed the earlier format of A Geek Leader shows. This is a quick tip that I picked up from a parenting course. Now before you rule out using parenting techniques at work, let me confess and say that I use them all the time… and they work. This one is is called “What’s your plan for______?” Let me explain. If you notice a task that you’ve delegated to one of your team members is not getting done as you would like it to, you may be like me and start to get nervous, or annoyed with the lack of progress. This is when I would either take the task back to make sure it got done, or micro-manage the employee to death to get it done. Either way, this leaves the employee feeling bad and sometimes inadequate. You may think that this would encourage them to do better next time and not drop the ball, but in reality, it usually does the opposite. It teaches them that maybe they aren’t capable of those tasks, and that if…