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It’s easy to stop a train that’s not moving…But its hard to stop one that has already started. Velocity is defined as the speed of something in a given direction. Have you ever started on a project, task, program, or something and got into the “flow” state? What is flow you ask? Flow is being in the Zone. If you’ve played or watched basketball you’re familiar with this term. It’s that state where Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry or Lebron James get into where it seems as though they cannot miss. Mihály Csíkszentmihályi (notice I didn’t try to pronounce that on the podcast) coined the term “flow” in 1975 as a feeling of full engagement, energized focus and complete enjoyment. I get into a flow state sometimes when I’m teaching or speaking. Its like the words just come out of mouth and knowledge pours out of my brain. And when the talk is over, I have little to no idea what I just said. You can get into a flow state doing about anything. I’ve been there playing basketball when I was younger and more…