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Assets What’s your biggest asset? Could it be your programming skills? Your education? Your experience? For me its the people I surround myself with. At home and in life its my wife. She’s my biggest asset. At the office, its my team. I have a great team of people and they are by far my biggest asset. So, how do you manage your assets? Well I’m going to list some common assets that we may or may not think of and how I try to manage them to improve my productivity. Personal Finance is important too. If you’re struggling with your personal finances, that stress may bleed into your work. Take care of your assets and liabilities. Do a debt to equity ratio, like they do before you get a mortgage to make sure you’re not over extending yourselves. Be sure you’re putting away for retirement, etc. Some other important assets to you should be managing at work as as follows: * My Team - As I said earlier, at work, my biggest asset is my team. With any team there are different dynamics and relationships in place. You…