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A few months ago I read the Jesse Itzler book, “Living with a Seal.” I heard it was really funny, and I knew a little about Jesse through some podcast interviews that I heard him on. I also thought it might motivate me to get in serious shape, however, it sort of scared me a little bit. In this book, Jesse meets this Navy Seal, who he calls “Seal” and invites him to live with him for 31 days and to train them. Seal reluctently says yes only if Jesse will agree to do whatever Seal says, whenever he says it, no questions asked. Jesse agrees and the story takes off from there. Its a hilarous story that tells about Jesse’s pain and progress. It clearly points out that in order to make phyiscal progress in training, you must go through pain. In one part of the book, Seal runs some sort of off road ultra marathon and comes back to Jesse’s home with broken feet. Jesse ask if he can do anything for him and Seal’s response is priceless. He says “I’ve earned this pain, let me enjoy it.” Seal has learned that in order…