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I heard a story on the Accidental Creative Podcast once about pruning grapes in a vineyard. Todd said that many times healthy vines that are bearing good fruit need to be pruned off. The reason is that the vine cannot grow new, more productive branches until some of the other branches are pruned. So cutting out good and fruit-bearing branches may be necessary in order for the vine to increase in capacity overall. This holds with us at work and in life. Sometimes we have to shutdown old dreams or projects, or stop doing old tasks that no longer provide significant value in order to free up time for something greater. Good is the enemy of Great. - Jim Collins Saying “no” at work can be one of the most freeing words you can say. As leaders or individual contributors we must set boundaries with our employees and our bosses. Several years ago, while at a previous employer, I was struggling to get great work done due to having too many regularly scheduled meetings in my life. I heard a podcast about saying no to…