022: The Biology of Leadership – inside the brain of a tech leader
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When most people talk about Leadership they talk about the psychology side of it, but I believe that it goes much deeper that than. In this episode I’m going to talk a lot about brain chemicals and I’m going to get a little deep into the biology of leadership. I was first made aware of such a think when Simon Sinek talked about the makeup of the brain in his famous “Start with Why” TEDx Talk a few years ago. I was fascinated with the fact that his “golden circle” was grounded in biology and not psychology. There are many chemicals in our brains that affect our emotions, our feelings and our behavior. I want to talk about 5 specific ones today. It really makes an impact when you combine these chemicals with the basic human stories of our past and present. To get the full impact of this article, you really need to listen to the podcast episode on this post. I should probably make it abundantly clear that I’m not a scientist nor a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV. This is all information that I found on the…