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You can’t grow if you don’t stretch If you’re looking for advice on yoga, flexibility or getting shape, then you’re in the wrong place. This is going to be a short episode about getting better. Ever had a rubber band, and stretched? If you stretch it too far to fast, it snaps. We’re the same way. We need to stretch ourselves in small steady ways. If you stretch a rubber band a little bit, and hold it for a long time, it’ll loose some of that tension that makes it spring back. It becomes easier to stretch and will expand and hold easier. It’s larger… We’re the same way. If we stretch our abilities a little for long times, that becomes our new normal. If we want to be a better leader, we have to step out and stretch ourselves. If we want to be a better communicator, we have to talk more, write more, and do more communicating. We have to stretch ourselves and get a little uncomfortable. We can’t get any better and grow more if we don’t stretch. We all want to improve, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be listening to…