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No matter how good you are, at some point in time, you will fail. It’s inevitable. Failure is not a problem, its promise. How we respond to failure is crucial to how we is the most important part of failing. It’s not the failure that stops us, it’s the inability to learn and move forward that stops us. I’ve failed at many projects, on tests in school, at sports and about in every area of my life. We all fail and we should not fear failure. I once had a boss that made my team fear failure. He threatened to fire us if we made mistakes or missed bugs. This fear prevented us from working at the pace we should have been. Instead we were super slow, extra cautious, and rarely innovated. Instead of inspiring a fear of failure, good leaders need to inspire a desire for success. Making us understand that we should desire succeed more than we fear failure. But also teaching us to be practical, not reckless, and plan and prepare for the failures that may occur. A good leader allows their team to fail, but helps them…