37 – Stocks, Reinvesting & Diversifying with Marco Schwartz
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James couldn’t make it for this episode due to illness, but fear not, Jean is joined by online entrepreneur, engineer, and author, Marco Schwartz. With Marco at hand, they discuss stock, dividends, and profits from a business, as they answer tough questions, like, “Should you reinvest, buy other WordPress businesses, or diversify?” Topics Include: * Marco’s story, his travels, his studies, how he found success. * How Marco maintains revenue with his books & video courses, which all started with self-publishing. * Environment matters; using your destination to aid your business and productivity. * Lifestyle Design, and how it fosters a simplistic & positive philosophy. * Defining what you want out of life. * Try biting off more than you can chew, when making a life plan, pushing yourself to work harder. * Why you should invest money as an entrepreneur. * The difference between investing on a shorter term, versus long term. * Marco’s style of investing: defining The Online Empire model. * Explaining and…