Intragalactic Librarian – Episode 03 – The First Law
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December 18, 2017
Skylar and Jessica return in a new chapter of Intragalactic Librarian! Now official agents of the CDD, our cosmic librarians embark on their first mission, a rescue unlike any other! YouTube Listen to the show on YouTube. Music Transitional Damselfly by Flying Species Cylinder Two by Chris Zabriskie Cylinder Three by Chris Cabriskie Star Drift by Daniel Messer Sound Effects All sound effects courtesy of those who shared them at Starshiphum.wav Zip1.wav Gun Cocking.wav Power Down Various Scifi Elevator Door Sounds Camera click_NIKON.wav Roland Jupiter 4 – Normans Pad IRL sounds Mouse click sounds Sci-Fi Horror Ambience Scifi Sound.mp3 Success.wav Achievement Confirmation Train Station Sounds Thump_005.wav Device powering up.wav Machine Start Up:Power Down.wav Starship Landing Sequence Clothes into rucksack and zip up 002.wav Gatling Laser.wav Laser gun Cannon shot.mp3 Laser Gun BFG Laser Arcade Laser Alien Rail Gun Possiblelazer.wav Male scream Lizardgargle.wav Mechanical Servo Tremolo…