Novelized examination of Corporate Personhood
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Show Summary: In her novel The Fifth Letter, Dr. Vivian Carpenter shows how Corporate Personhood is an evolving—and dangerous—threat to our individual basic rights. An accomplished scholar whose previous research was founded by The National Science Foundation and The Ford Foundation, Dr. Carpenter channels her platform to the U.S. Citizens through a riveting account of what could happen if this issue stays under the radar. Book description: What happens when a liberal Black female justice of the Supreme Court is caught between her conscience and the call of political expedience? Associate Supreme Court Justice Katherine Helena Ross, the first black female on the U.S. Supreme Court, gains the power to remove a conservative justice from the bench. Her quandary brings her face to face with a most urgent moral and judicial issue: who is a person with inalienable legal rights in America? Justice Ross struggles to do what is right, as her mother’s 1940s memoir influences her actions and emotions.