Episode 23 – iPad Pro Reviews, Apple Watch vs. Apple TV, Cord-Cutting
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November 11, 2015
We kick off this week’s episode with a discussion of the iPad Pro reviews that came out on Wednesday. We talk through the common themes – both the consistent gripes and the things that were consistently praised – as well as some of the unique things particular reviews picked up on. Our second topic is our Question of the Week, in which we pick up on a conversation we started last week around the Apple Watch and Apple TV and the prospects for these two devices. In particular, we talk about the total addressable market, the developer-related challenges each device faces, and the other constraints holding each device back, as well as the ultimate potential of each device. Lastly, we discuss cord-cutting, in the light of a post Jan wrote this week, and whether it’s likely to accelerate. We also talk some more about Apple’s potential TV service and how that might factor into all this.