Week 108 – QotW – Mary Jo Foley On Microsoft
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After a couple of weeks off for the Question of the Week episode, we have an interview with Mary Jo Foley, a reporter who’s been covering Microsoft pretty much exclusively for 20 years, and who’s one of the most knowledgeable and respected journalists on the Microsoft beat. We talk through the state of Microsoft and the various transitions and cultural shifts it’s going through at the moment, whether things really are changing at Microsoft, how, and why. But we also talk through some more topical items about Microsoft including the recent Consumer Reports controversy over the Surface line, layoffs in the sales team, and the launch of Windows 10 S. Thank you very much to Mary Jo for joining us, and we hope our listeners find this interview interesting. We’re hoping to do more of this kind of thing going forward with our Question of the Week episode, so if you have suggestions for people we should interview, let us know! Here are some links relevant to today’s discussion: • All About Microsoft, Mary Jo’s blog…