Episode 46 – WSJ Tech Columnist Christopher Mims Interview
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As a reminder, Aaron is still out of the country for one more week, working with students and fellow faculty on various projects in Ghana, Africa. He’ll be back for next week’s episode. In the meantime, this week’s episode is an interview with Christopher Mims, tech columnist at the Wall Street Journal, which he joined in April 2014. Christopher writes about a whole range of tech-related topics for the Journal, and we discussed three recent columns of his in particular. The first of those columns was published this week, and talks about what governments can learn from the tech industry, and cites the example of Estonia, which has successfully embraced this new way of working. The second column we discussed was last week’s, which was widely shared and generated quite a bit of discussion, and argued that there’s a bubble in the tech industry. Lastly, we discussed a column from the end of March, in which Christopher argued that the iPad Pro wasn’t quite ready to replace PCs for most people yet. Up front, we…