Week 91 – QotW – Facebook And Innovation
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This is the Question of the Week episode for this week, and the News Roundup episode will be up tomorrow. This week, Jan attended F8 and our Question of the Week is “What’s the state of innovation at Facebook?” We use Facebook’s F8 announcements and presentations as a lens to look at how Facebook is innovating both in the products it’s creating today and in the research and development work it’s doing over the longer term. We also talk about what Facebook needs to do differently. As usual, you’ll find some links to related content below: Facebook F8 Site, where you can see all the session videos: https://www.fbf8.com Facebook’s Developer News site, where you can see the news from F8: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/ Jan’s Techpinions column on Facebook’s Innovation Chasm: https://techpinions.com/facebooks-innovation-chasm/49727 As ever, we welcome your feedback via Twitter (@jandawson / @aaronmiller), the website (podcast.beyonddevic.es), or email (jan@jackdawresearch.com).