Week 100 – QotW – Voice And Amazon
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This is our Question of the Week episode for this week, with our News Roundup to follow on Friday. This week’s question is “Is Voice the Next Big User Interface, and is Amazon Really Winning? ” The question comes from the prevailing narrative in the media, which often seems to hold both that voice is going to be the user interface that replaces current ones like touch screens and smartphones, and that Amazon is dominating that voice interface market. We pour some cold water on both assertions and use survey and other data to evaluate the true state of the market, what’s really going on, and whether anyone is really “winning”. Here are some links relevant to today’s discussion: Various voice surveys that Jan mentioned: USA Today survey: https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2017/06/05/alexa-fun-siri-because-typing-hard-survey/102436072/ Creative Strategies Survey: http://creativestrategies.com/voice-assistant-anyone-yes-please-but-not-in-public/ Siri as mobile search engine:…