Week 108 – NR – Samsung Note8, Amazon - Whole Foods, Apple Car
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This is our News Roundup episode for the week, and as usual we discuss a few of the week’s big news stories. First up is Samsung’s launch of the Note8 device, the successor to last year’s ill-fated Note7, which took place this week in New York City. Jan attended in person and shares some of his thoughts, but we also talk about some of the other ins and outs of the device and how it might do. Secondly, we talk about Amazon’s very rapid progress in closing its Whole Foods acquisition and the immediate benefits customers of Whole Foods will see when the deal closes next week. Lastly, we discuss this week’s New York Times report about the Apple car project, Project Titan, and some of the details that emerged from that story. The show notes below include links to all these stories on Tech Narratives and original sources as appropriate. News stories we covered: • Samsung Note8: Jan’s take on Tech Narratives ($):…