Week 93 – NR – Microsoft Announcements, Hulu Live TV, YouTube & Twitter TV Shows
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Earlier this week, our Question of the Week episode was our quarterly deep dive on Apple’s earnings. This News Roundup episode covers some of the week’s other big tech news: • The first eighteen minutes or so of the episode are a discussion of Microsoft’s education-focused event in New York, and we talk both about Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop, and Jan shares his theory about what’s really going on with Windows 10 S. • Our second topic is Hulu’s long-awaited launch of its Live TV offering, which was announced this week and which sparks a discussion about the state of online pay TV, which Jan also wrote about this week • Lastly, we have a brief discussion on two other TV announcements made this week by Twitter and YouTube, both of which unveiled new shows for their respective platforms. As always, you’ll find links to these stories and other things we discussed below. News stories we covered (Tech Narratives links): Microsoft Windows 10 S launch:…