Week 87 – QotW – Apple Pricing Strategy
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As we announced last week, we’re embarking on a change in the format of the podcast, and from here on out you’ll see two episodes from us weekly, with each encapsulating one of the segments of the old format – the Question of the Week, and the News Roundup. The News Roundup will generally go up on Fridays so that we can capture the week’s news, while the QotW episode will probably go up earlier in the week. Here, then, is this week’s Question of the Week (QotW) episode, which answers the question “Is Apple undertaking a new low price strategy?” This assertion has been in the news lately, with analyst Neil Cybart penning a piece arguing that Apple Watches and AirPods are underpriced and several people arguing this week that the new iPad is another sign that Apple is going downmarket. In our episode, Aaron evaluates these assertions and brings in some of Apple’s pricing history in order to answer the question of whether we’re seeing a departure from Apple or whether something else is going on. As usual, you’ll…