Episode 43 – EU Android Antitrust Action, Tech Earnings Roundup
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Our three News Roundup topics this week were: * China’s blocking of two Apple content services * Apple’s MacBook update * Uber’s settlement with drivers. Our Question of the Week is “What should we make of the European Union’s antitrust action against Google?” We discuss the EU’s process for investigation these allegations, the specifics of the allegations against Google, and whether they hold water. We also talk about the parallels and differences with regard to the EU’s case against Microsoft roughly 15 years ago. And we talk about the likely outcomes of this case. Our third topic is a review of tech earnings over the past week, focusing particularly on Alphabet, Intel, Microsoft, and Netflix. We discuss the common thread of mobile disruption overhanging several of the results, as well as Netflix’s coming price increase and its international expansion. As ever, we wrapped up with a Weekly Pick, this week a gardening tool recommendation from Aaron. As usual, you’ll find some links to related content as well…