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Update on our week: We take a quick look behind the curtain and close it again. Andy lets us know his displeasure with his new computer. Our discussion about Apple computers, Window PC and free software bugs. Do you put up with issues for a free version vs paying and getting a better product. Talk about back in the day money orders. Internet talk, Daniel household is without internet. Is he really that cheap? Andy rematches Wolf of Wall Street. Can you win a fight with a bear, Revenant style? Conversation about the environment and our carbon foot print in the world. Listen to Ted Danson ozone talk. Is Andy right about Photosynthesis? Andy and Daniel disagree and things get a little heated. Daniel would like to leave this world in a better place for his son. Daniel beats Rise of the Tomb Raider. He enjoyed it and is close to 100%ing the game. Conversation about the Nintendo Switch and the future of their home consoles. Article for the week: Study finds Subway’s chicken only contains about 50 percent chicken…