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December 21, 2016
Update on our week: Hey there everyone, we have another episode for the week and some updates to enlighten you all with. Andy gets into the fitbit to track his activity in hopes of getting healthier. Fitbit allows you to track calorie burning, calorie intake, sets up water reminders, informs you of how many steps you take during a day, and much more. Loot Crate gives Andy a reason to be excited as he discusses his subscription to Loot Crate through the pro wrestling genre. Loot Crate offers bi-weekly packages with memorabilia of a theme of your choosing. Andy’s love for wrestling enticed him to subscribe and he details some of great, and no so great items that have arrived thusfar. Longmire has Andy hooked as it reaches its fifth season. Andy recommends it, as it has a great plot that can be at times political, dealing with Native Americans and the chaotic situation that they face in this country. After Andy recommended Stranger Things, Daniel picked it up and is already over half way through the first…