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Update on our week: Welcome back for another exciting episode of Free Form Radio! This week we give the updates on whats going on with us as well as take a look into the world of Veganism. Andy takes a trip to Michigan and tests the waters to compare to his recent trip to the Indiana Dunes. He explains the pros and cons of both and how much he enjoys being outdoors. Andy also discusses rewatching Sopranos and doing an analysis of the ending concluding a long running successful series that also confirmed his suspicions on the fate of the main character. Noel starts juicing again and discusses trying to find the best balanced diet to get in shape and be a healthier person. He also talks about researching Vegan and Vegetarian diets but ultimately considered being an omnivore the best approach. Noel also gives a bit of hype to a new Cinemax show Outcast and sheds light on the dark nature that the thrilling show brings. Daniel watches Captain America: Civil War and really enjoyed it. He talks about the new Civil…