2 Daniel - Episode 007
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Daniel Jr talks about playing Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sisters location. Listen to how the character Baby is the scariest and how you can see the animatronics exoskeleton. It’s not all scary, there is a part were you eat popcorn, Ha. The Corral family gets Playstation VR. Junior describes the head gear and one of his favorite games, Job Simulator. Who hasn’t dreamed of having an office job, work at a restaurant, at a convenience store and be an auto mechanic? It is super excited. The Corral family goes to Six Flags Great America. Jr favorite ride is the one that scared Daddy the most, The Condor. We talk about how even the roller coaster the Demon has VR. Junior enjoyed the water rides Roaring Rapids and the Log ride. Junior had no fear with the fast roller coasters. Daniel Jr wins big in the carnival games. Visit Daniel Jr Corner on YouTube athttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCydvWNEtbcSLMrjOtDXO79A/feedVisit Momma (Alana) on WordPress athttps://mombosshq.com/ ========== Thank you to everyone who enjoys what…