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November 23, 2016
Update on our week: Free Form Network is back for another exciting episode. This week we discuss the election and how a few changes in our system may be needed. The weight of electoral votes seems to drive the presidential election versus the popular vote. Altering how much significance certain states have towards the electoral vote may give more a balanced chance to the smaller states that currently have less electoral power. We have some comments on Dave Chapelle and discuss his moments on SNL (Saturday Night LIve) while hosting an episode that had musical guest A Tribe called Quest. Is Chapelle show the greatest sketch-comedy show? Apparently many think so. Give us your thoughts. Andy gives his thoughts on another show, The Crown, a episodic depiction on the British Monarchy and Queen Elizabeth’s rise to power. Andy tries his “as seen on tv” Slider press to make some delicious small cheeseburgers and we discusses grocery stores, pricing, and a new restaurant hot spot called Juicy-Os. Daniel views Star…